Our ownership and management structure is designed to achieve alignment between ourselves, our investors and our investee companies.

We aim to create partnerships which last, with the same long-term horizon as we maintain for our investment decisions. Some of our investors have been with us for two decades.
The Founders remain heavily invested in the Arisaig funds but the firm is now run on a day-to-day basis by a group of Partners who, together, own 30% of the firm and are Directors on the Boards of our Singapore and UK operating entities. We have a Co-CEO structure with Rebecca Lewis CEO of Arisaig Partners Research Services in the UK and Gordon Yeo CEO of Arisaig Partners (Asia) in Singapore.
All current Partners have been with Arisaig for around a decade and have personal investments in the funds which are a significant portion of their own wealth.
The percentage owned by the Partners will gradually increase by 5% per annum over which time more senior personnel are expected to join the partnership group. The eventual ownership state is that the Founders’ family trusts will own 30% of Arisaig Partners in perpetuity with 70% owned by Partners working in the business.