A portfolio of proven, profitable businesses which deliver essential, positive impact goods and services to the world’s largest, most underserved populations.

The Next Generation Fund aims to provide compounding financial, social and environmental returns over the long-term. It targets attractive business models which generate positive impact at scale. Across the developing world, the lack of affordable, high quality essential services such as healthcare, education and banking represents a huge opportunity for growth, particularly when harnessing the power of digitalisation. Our companies naturally transmit broader social benefits as they begin to exploit this opportunity. Through our own capital allocation decisions and on-the-ground engagement efforts we endeavour to maximise both financial returns and impact generation at the portfolio level.
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Fund AUM: USD 28.4m Strategy AUM: USD 126.3m

  • Net as of October 31st 2021 (%)
NAV (USD) SIze (USDm) 5 yr 3 yr 1 yr 6 mth 3 mth 1 mth YTD Since Launch Annualised
Founder Sub-Class A (USD) 118.5401 14.3 - - 14.1 (1.3) (5.2) (3.1) (0.1) 18.5 15.5
  1. Reflects performance of Founder Sub-Class A (USD)


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