Our fund with a global emerging market mandate was launched in 2014, providing broad-based, diversified exposure. 

The fund started being principally allocated to emerging market consumer companies, but has evolved to have a material exposure to the ‘delivery mechanism’ for these products through retail and eCommerce as well as sectors such as education and healthcare. Whilst this is a more liquid fund, most holdings are still relatively small businesses in the context of their long term development path.

Information about this fund

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Fund AUM: USD 1.3bn Strategy AUM: USD 1.7bn

  • Net as of October 31st 2021 (%)
Fund NAV (USD) Size (USDm) 5 yr 3 yr 1 yr 6 mth 3 mth 1 mth YTD Since Launch Annualised
Arisaig GEM Fund (Class A)1 16.61 1,232.8 64.3 64.6 13.5 1.3 0.4 (2.3) (3.7) 66.8 6.8
Arisaig GEM Fund (Class B)1 2 16.62 24.8 64.3 64.6 13.5 1.2 0.3 (2.3) (3.8) 75.3 42.7
  1. The offshore version of the Fund was launched to third party investors on 16.09.2013.
  2. Reflects the performance of Arisaig GEM Consumer Fund (Class A) from inception 30.08.2012 for the period 5yr until 1mth. The performance of 1mth and Since Launch reflects the Arisaig GEM Consumer Fund (Class B) from its inception on 01.04.2020. Please note, with effect from 7 May 2021 the fund name has changed to Arisaig Global Emerging Markets Fund.


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