With a track record of nearly 25 years, our flagship fund aims to capture a socio-economic growth story of emerging Asian markets. 

Through our disciplined and rigorous research-driven investment approach we have built a portfolio of business that display purposeful growth and in doing so have earned the right to grow forever. We believe our strategically placed portfolio will benefit from this multi-decade developmental trend encompassing almost half the world’s population. While China and India are naturally a significant part of the Fund, our boots-on-the-ground approach also gives us a unique advantage to identify high quality business that think intergenerationally in vast but less well-researched markets such as Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Fund AUM: USD 3.2bn Strategy AUM: USD 3.2bn

  • Net as of October 31st 2021 (%)
Fund NAV (USD) Size (USDm) 20 yr 15 yr 10 yr 5 yr 3 yr 1 yr 6 mth 3 mth 1 mth YTD Since Launch Annualised
Arisaig Asia Fund (Class A)1 128.33 2,224.4 1,704.9 450.8 221.2 88.7 59.4 11.2 4.5 6.4 1.3 0.1 1,813.4 12.6
Arisaig Asia Fund (Class B)1,2 131.68 618.6 1,704.9 450.8 221.2 88.7 59.4 11.1 4.4 6.4 1.3 (0.1) 31.7 17.2
  1. Reflects the performance of Arisaig Asian Small Companies Fund from 31.12.1996 to 21.01.2000, Arisaig Asia Fund from 22.01.2000 to 31.03.2010, Arisaig Asia Consumer Fund from 31.03.2010 to 07.05.2021 and thereafter, of Arisaig Asia Fund.
  2. Reflects the performance of Arisaig Asian Consumer Fund (Class A) from inception 31.12.1996 for the period 20yr until 3mth. The performance of 1mnth, YTD and Since Launch reflects the Arisaig Asia Consumer Fund (Class B) from its inception on 04.02.2020.

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